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The Border Battlefields and Reiver Families

With names like Armstrong, Dodds, Milburns, Percys, and Greys facing those of Stuarts, Dixons, Douglases, Kirkpatricks and Browns across the borders the reivers names on the maps provide an insight into the backgrounds of some of the common names in the Border area.

Together with the battlefields that abound in this area from the many wars that were fought from Heavenfield in 635AD where the Welsh army was defeated by Christian Kingdom of Northumbria led by King Oswald through to the later wars between Scotland and England and the legendary battle of Bewcastle where King Arthur is said to have been defeated.

At a scale of of approximately four miles to an inch this is an informative and attractive map. The Border Battlefields and Reiver Families map measures approximately 30 inches wide by 22.5 inches tall (approx 850mm by 660mm) and has a very narrow coloured border. The Border Battlefields and Reiver Families map can be bought from the Go Britain online shop and is delivered rolled. Click here to go to the Go Britain online shop and order now.

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