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Customer Service

As a family run business we look forward to hearing from visitors to the web site and from our customers. Please take the time to tell us what were doing well, how we can improve, and what other things you would like to see us provide. We also recognize that from time to time you might encounter problems or simply want a response from a real human being and this page aims to give some guidance on how well try to help if you need help from customer service.

Our overriding aim is to have satisfied customers and believe that your feedback exists to help us improve our service. We aim to work with our customers to resolve any problems in a mutually satisfactory manner. As we grow we are developing systems to ensure we retain the high levels of service the owners have provided since the company was started in 1988. To do this we have introduced some targets for responding to customers and ensuring their feedback is handled quickly and efficiently.


Our Aims

We aim to respond to 95% of correspondence within three working days and 100% within ten working days. We will try to provide a detailed answer to your query but we may require further information. If we need further information and can not respond within the 10 days we will inform you of progress and explain why there is a delay. You will be given the name of the person who is personally responsible for dealing with your feedback. If for any reason you are not satisfied you can contact Ed Brown, the founder and Managing Director of Go Britain Ltd. He will contact you and investigate your complaint to ensure the matter is resolved.


How you can help

When contacting us please provide as much detail as possible about your query. If it related to a web page please try and provide the URL (this can be cut and pasted from the web browser) rather than a vague phrase such as Hotel details wrong. If it is a query about a delivery please provide your order reference number sent with your order confirmation as this will allow us to identify your order and deal with the query quicker.

Our Performance

All complaints in the past have been dealt with by the Managing Director and there has not been a formal tracking procedure in place. Since October 1999 we have had two complaints, both related to late delivery of goods ordered from the web site. In both cases the shipping company were asked to trace the packages and they arrived within the next two days. Both customers said they were satisfied with the response and one customer has placed repeat orders with us and made other suggestions about improving the web site. We have now instigated a feedback tracking process and expect to be able to analyse our performance against targets and will publish these figures here from time to time.


Contact details

Go Britain Limited
Moss House
Langley on Tyne
NE47 5NN
Great Britain
Tel: 01434 688834 from overseas +44 1434 688834
Fax: 01434 684808 from overseas +44 1434 684808
e-mail: email: Please use our contact form

Our telephone and fax are charged at national dial rate from within Britain and at international rates from overseas. Our normal office hours are from 10:00 to 16:00 Monday to Friday excluding British public holidays.

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